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About Us

ELSYonline is operated by Mobile Learning GmbH with its headoffice in Switzerland. Mobile Learning GmbH was established in 2008, when we realized that a series of new technologies would be ready for the market.

Mobile Learning GmbH is a relatively young company but its founders are experienced innovators and entrepreneurs.

Who is behind it?

  • DATON webengineering
    DATON webengineering is specialized in the development of internet portals, multimedia progamming and programming for mobile communication equipment. Daton Webengineering has more than 13 years of experience.
  • MFM Marketing GmbH
    MFM Marketing GmbH is specialized in the development of content for corporate training and learning, content for open training and learning programs and media production, as well as sales and marketing optimization and change management. MFM Marketing GmbH has more than 35 years of experience.
  • ICL of California, Institute for Communication & Learning Technology of California
    ICL of California is specialized in the development of content for intercultural and globally operating enterprises, content for non-profit organisations, content for open training and learning programs and for the development of innovation strategies. ICL of California has more than 15 years of experience.

Why ELSYonline?

ELSY Easy Learning System started as a blended learning platform for corporate customers of MFM Marketing GmbH. ELSY Easy Learning System has won several international awards as the best blended learning platform in respect of technology and quality, due to its high interactivity and its integrated authoring system. ELSY Easy Learning System is still unique and a top-selling product.

As a result of the experience with this complex platform and the changes in mobile communication since the introduction of the Apple iPhone, we came up with the idea to redefine learning and to make it easier to develop real "mobile learning" in the area of education based on these new mobile devices.

EASY LEARNING is the answer. Fast, secure, always up to date, and from anywhere. That's ELSYonline.

Please contact us if you require any further information.


  • You are interested in effective and interactive mobile learning via smartphones?
  • You want to offer an outstanding, cutting-edge learning environment to your managers and staff?
  • You want to lead the field in corporate vocational education?
  • You want to be ahead of your competitors?

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