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There is no break from education!

With ELSYonline you can learn anywhere, for example on your cellphone. We will ensure you enjoy learning again. Promised!

ELSYonline provides you with up to date knowledge, interactive training, best practices and even more. ELSY stands for Easy Learning System.

ELSYonline is the most advanced technology for real mobile learning.

For learning with ELSY you can use the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other multimedia devices, eePcs and Net PCs, laptops and of course any regular computer with internet access.

ELSYonline is a worldwide unique, genuine, and mobile learning platform for companies, their employees, and customers. Always up to date, with top topics, tests and practical tips for implementation.

With the ELSYonline upload function licensed customers can provide their own interactive Learning Nuggets especially for their employees and customers. You can start surveys and review learning results. Simply quick and totally without being a computer specialist. Your know-how is protected and only persons authorised by you have access.

No need to involve your corporate IT department. You can easily operate ELSYonline from any computer with internet access. Your contents will be optimized automatically for the devices (smartphone / computer) you have opted for. Thus the end-user output will be "typical" iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or browser based (for laptops or desktop computers).

You can use your own company specific learning programs or the programs provided by us.

Our range of learning programs is being expanded constantly and consists of up to date know-how and topics specifically tailored and suited to the needs of managers and employees today.

Cost-performance analysis

Check your cost-performance analysis online. Calculate your expenses with our ELSYonline Cost Calculator online. We promise: No other on-the-job training will be more favorable.


  • You are interested in effective and interactive mobile learning via smartphones?
  • You want to offer an outstanding, cutting-edge learning environment to your managers and staff?
  • You want to lead the field in corporate vocational education?
  • You want to be ahead of your competitors?

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