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What are Learning Nuggets?

Learning Nuggets are short interactive learning programs you can use anywhere and any time in order to enhance your qualifications and quality of work - no matter where you are.

Generally, individual Learning Nuggets will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. This is one of the many reasons which makes learning with ELSYonline so attractive.

With our customers the term "Learning Nuggets" became established. This reflects the high value and satisfaction attributed to the short learning programs and fact that they are a lot of fun to learn with.

We already provide and maintain a larger number of Learning Nuggets and we keep constantly developing and producing new ones. Learning Nuggets provided by us deal with the following subjects:

  1. Leadership & Management
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Training & Learning
  4. Expert's Knowledge
  5. Sector Knowledge
  6. Economy
  7. Life-Science
  8. Science
  9. Tests & Diagnosis
  10. E-Books & Best Practices

A complete list of currently available content can be requested through the contact section of this website.

As a licensed customer you can create and provide additional Learning Nuggets for your staff and clients. This is easily done within the admin-section of ELSYonline after login. It's so easy and straightforward that you don't need the assictance of your IT-department nor experience in programming.

You can define who has access to your Learning Nuggets. Only users approved by you have access to your know-how. With the administration program you can - if desired - self-administer your users, run analysis and evaluations, and much more.

DEMO Learning Nugget

Have a closer look at our Demo Learning Nugget. The Nugget contains some features of an average unit we provide with ELSYonline.

Of course you can use it as well with a smartphone. Your feedback is appreciated.


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