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ELSYonline Learning Center

Do you know situations like this? Your customers would like to make an immediate decision about a product or an investment but they are missing the latest information? Your customers would like to know more about your company, they way it operates and your opinions and advice, but how can you get this information to them quickly and easily?
It's easy: you can provide information, interactive Learning Nuggets or podcasts, videopodcasts or surveys in the Learning Center. This way your customers will receive the background information they are interested in.

Customer Integrated Learning

Use our learning center to provide information to your customers to enable better decisions and offer more background knowledge. This trend started in the USA, advocated by ICL of California and is called "Customer Integrated Learning". The philosophy is: A customer should know as much as an employee knows. This means: No secrets, complete and correct information.

Of course customers don't have to know everything and not every detail is equally important. But: important connections and background, that's what is important; and this is exactly what you can deliver to your customers through the Learning Center.

Exclusive and individual

You allocate a separate individual password to your customers. Customers will appreciate the special and individual treatment they receive from you, resulting in higher enthusiasm and loyality. Your customers realize that you are serious and committed to treating them as partners.

Please contact us if you require any further information about the Learning Center.


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